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The giftedLagos movement is powered by passionate people from all walks of life who are committed to ending poverty through service and education. Together, we’re breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations at home and abroad. Will you join us?

Introduction to


  • Gifted Lagos is a school leavers program provides an opportunity for gifted, talented and academically high achieving kids to get real world work experience, and gain vocational skills. Other benefits of the program includes a college scholarship fund and preparation classes for local and international college admissions tests.
  • Gifted Lagos will also pay for local and international university examinations
  • Priority will be given to:
    1. High achieving kids from low income backgrounds
    2. Children of military personnel who died or are missing in combat (minimum standard still required)
  • The internship will run for between 18-30 months (essentially a gap year or two) and will give school leavers an opportunity to get real life work experience.
  • The School leavers will also get trainings and immersions in vocations, skills and languages that will hopefully benefit them throughout the rest of their careers and lives.
  • A monthly stipend will be paid to each intern. Contributions will also be made to a scholarship fund for the college tuition of each intern

What Are We Offering?

Professional internships across various operating areas including Technology, Logistics, Education, General Administration, Accounting and Finance, Business Development and Administration.
Vocation and Life Skill Training
Vocational and Life Skills training based on Interest. Areas will include Languages (French, Spanish, Chinese), Graphics, Animation, Fabrication, Driving, Video Production and Editing, Coding and Programming, Sports (Tennis, Basketball and Tennis), Solar Technology and installation.
Lasting impact
Children in poverty are more likely to be exposed to the stress of violence, gangs and drugs. This can negatively affect brain development and long-term well-being. Your support during this vulnerable time helps children and youth set their own goals to build a life free from poverty.
Exam Preparation
Training for local (UTME) and foreign (SAT) University acceptance tests
Monthly Allowance
Monthly stipend paid to all participants in the program
Scholarship Funding
Scholarship Funding for University (Percentage of our revenue and profits will be dedicated for scholarship fund)
Education Is a Vital Human Right
Let your life be an Inspiration
Better World For All Children

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